Property managers gain Power Over Tenants by reporting to TransUnion and Equifax their payment history

This helps managers collect unpaid tenant charges and post move out delinquent balances.

How does CredHub help Property Managers?

Credhub makes you money every month

Credhub makes you money four different ways. The service is free until your tenants are enrolled and you're making money. The primary revenue is monthly profits. Typically managers profit by $7.00 to $10.00 per month per tenant.

Credhub helps you sign up owners in your property management company

We're all competing for owners and need a way to differentiate ourselves from other managers. "We can move a tenants credit score if they don't pay as agreed" is a powerful differentiator.

Helps you collect outstanding tenant charges

Tenants love to pay current rent but don't like paying old late fees, NSF charges and other lingering fees. Credhub changes all of this and gives you a tool to collect all those outstanding charges.

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